Ending My Commitment on My Son’s Birthday

Yipeee! I made it to the 30th Day of my 30-day selfie challenge! Oh my God, this is one big accomplishment! Lol. Yeah, right.

Well, the good news is that today is my son’s (my third child) birthday, so this day couldn’t be a bad day. So my pictures for today are just happy.





I am just happy that I saved money for my son’s birthday this year. Since his birthday is on the 11th and four days before payday, he’s used to not having a celebration on the day of his birthday. But of course even if my son doesn’t complain, I want him to be happy on his day. I was not able to buy a cake still because he wanted to eat out, but I improvised…



So there, I just ended my 30-day selfie challenge with a bang. I’ll post about my lessons learned next time.


Toxic: Day 29 of My 30-Day Selfie Challenge

When you start your day with a heavy traffic and an overheating engine (which means I need to turn off the aircon), you’ll probably start ranting by noon.

My pictures for Day 29 are definitely not my best. They’re just plain haggardness.




The only good thing that happened at work was probably the approval of the procedure on client satisfaction that I wrote for our ISO implementation in the office. It was one tough battle so I really felt vindicated when it got all the way up the higher authorities and got approved.

Then by 6 p.m. I received a call that my two older kids have not yet returned home. So I had to rush home and battle traffic again.


Anyway, the kids got home the moment I started the car engine. At least they’re safe. I, on the other hand, got stuck in the traffic for two hours, without aircon.


So there, end of post.

Alive and Kicking: Day 28 of My 30-Day Selfie Challenge

I had a rough day yesterday. I was having diarrhea and feeling very weak when I received a message from my maid telling me that she could not return from her day-off because she had a fight with her husband. Apparently she took her kid and left her husband and was staying with a relative somewhere in Quezon City. So I said to myself, just when I needed her most, she couldn’t go back, and I was thinking that she was gone for good.

I knew it was coming. These things really happen when you took in a married helper. I mean, it always happens. The husband would just create a problem then my helper would be very affected and then bam! The helper will make a choice and usually it’s leaving me. It happened to me too many times already.

Anyway, I got carried away. Yeah that was the cross that I had to carry even if I had nothing to eat because eating only brings me to the toilet. But hey, it’s a new day and I told myself that nothing could bring me down and there’s no challenge that I could not take on, so I took my selfies for the day:




Okay the photos are blurred, but i love them! I look fresh in the pictures. As if I did not have diarrhea the day before hahaha! There’s nothing like having a positive attitude especially during a stormy day.

But wait, there’s more! My maid returned today, but with company…


Oh, by the way, the girl is my daughter. She’s very happy she has a new playmate, and a brother, I guess.mai

Family Day on Day 27: My 30-Day Selfie Challenge

This is supposed to be just about the Family Day that we attended to last Saturday. But since it’s also an opportunity for me to take selfies, well…



Okay the day started really tiring, especially since I only had four hours of sleep. I wanted to extend my sleep for another hour but my daughter, my youngest, wouldn’t let me so she was jumping on me, waking me up, because that day was her performance day…




Overall, even if it was physically and financially exhausting, the day was a fun day for the kids.





My eldest even had the chance to pose with his special someone. Awwww…puppy love.


I always treasure moments like this, because it is only through these that I make up for all the time that I couldn’t spend with them because I had to work. So even if they looked like this after all the rides, I still felt happy.


Slowing Down on Day 26: My 30-Day Selfie Challenge

Oh wow, I’m down to my last five selfie days! I can’t believe it!

I also can’t believe how fat I have been in the the past 25 days so I had no more excuses for not returning to the gym. Also, our gym will be relocated from the 6th to the 2nd floor of our building, where we also have our garage. So before we decide if we’ll still go to the gym after it is moved and risk smelling like engine emissions, we thought of making the last day of our gym on the 6th floor memorable by taking pictures.




I know, it’s a lame excuse for taking selfies. Okay, I’m still so much into Photogrid here. I was hoping that filters will make me look thinner lol.

Anyway, for the sake of documenting what I wore to the office that day…


The picture above is before gym. The next pictures are after gym (as if there’s even an iota of a difference), while waiting for the girls before going home…



Good night, everyone! I’m ready to sleep now.

Catching Up: Days 24-25 of My 30-Day Selfie Challenge

Oh yeah I haven’t given up yet. I may have been unable to post recently but I still took my selfies religiously. Hey, I needed to earn some money so I had to withdraw myself from non-income generating activities for a while.

So without further ado, here are my selfies for days 24 and 25:


I’m sorry I couldn’t take my shades off because I wasn’t able to get a decent sleep the night before that. But I guess I did not have enough sleep the following night so…

20141204_111031 20141204_101258

Anyway, I learned about this cool app called Photogrid, and I kinda enjoyed playing with it, and since I couldn’t get enough of myself , I also made a collage of my selfies hahaha!


I really love Photogrid! It is so much better than PicCollage. By the way, you can also edit your pics and put filters for effects. Cool, huh?!

Mommy Duties on Day 23: My 30-Day Selfie Challenge

I thought I’m not gonna have a selfie for this day because I went on leave. So, I wasn’t able to do my daily selfie while driving.

But of course, if there’s a will, there’s a way. And I found many ways.


I asked my sister to help me out in my kids’ event in school today. So while waiting for the activities to start, we thought it would be nice to take some selfies. I used this Retrica application in my daughter’s phone and I did not know that it was set to 12 frames, so there…

By the way, my sister also loves to take selfies. She got in this business way earlier than I did lol.

The day is tiring, alright, but anything for the kids is definitely worth our time. There is another highlight though for this day:


We saw Sec. Joel Villanueva at the restaurant where we had our lunch. We got a little shy but we couldn’t miss this opportunity so we had to interrupt him in the middle of dissecting a crab just to have a picture with us.

And my daughter was like: “mom, who is he?” And my son was like: “Duh, his face is all over the place.” I did not even notice the streamers welcoming him.

Anyway, I think he’s nice. I think I was really stupid because I did not even introduce myself. Whatever. Politics is still politics.

Last Hope for a Rather Hopeless Person

This is so ironic. In my previous post I’m so positive and then in split seconds, I’m emo (short for emotional). Well, actually if you listen to Paramore’s song, Last Hope, it’s about keeping it up despite all odds. Just like my icon or gravatar, the Phoenix, that has risen from the ashes to fly again. So it’s still good vibes, after all.

Well, this song has been sort of my national anthem for the last few weeks especially after going through hard times at work and at home. The lyrics of this song is just insane, especially this part:

And the salt in my wounds isn’t burning anymore than it used to
It’s not that I don’t feel the pain, it’s just I’m not afraid of hurting anymore
And the blood in these veins isn’t pumping any less than it ever has
And that’s the hope I have, the only thing I know that’s keeping me alive.

Wow what a song! Yeah, it’s just a spark, but it’s enough to keep me going…gotta let it happen!

Hello December: Day 22 of My 30-Day Selfie Challenge

December 1. What makes this month joyous? Just writing down this date on the routing slip in the office somehow excites me. I work in the government so I am not expecting any huge bonuses…perhaps not in my lifetime. But somehow this month brings promise of good things to come…which may not necessarily carry a price tag.

It is raining today but I went to work early as if this day will change my life forever. I put on some make-up…okay a lot of lipstick…while waiting for the stoplight to go green.


I was singing my lungs out while driving to work over a song that I don’t remember anymore. Smiling like a crazy idiot over something that I can’t recall anymore. The only thing that I remember is that this day is a good day. And come hell and high water, I will not let anything ruin it.


And I made it. I survived Monday still chilling and feeling good even if I fought little battles to beat our deadlines. I also started something really good today, which of course, met some criticisms. But what the heck, you can’t please everybody, so why bother. Wow, I think I’m getting good at this beating stress thing. I always knew I’m resilient. And positive.

Lol, what’s with December?

Days 18 to 21: My 30-Day Selfie Challenge

I’m holding on to this, okay. I might have been out in the cold for days, but I returned to fulfill my commitment. And it’s all that matters. In most movies.

I don’t know if I should tell an excuse why I was inactive for days, but in the 7 years that I have been maintaining this account — on an on-and-off basis — this is supposed to be the time that I should temporarily quit because of posting fatigue.

But since I have made a commitment, I know I have to gather all my strength to complete the challenge. So here are my selfies from days 18 to 21, in chronological order (for this post, I will only have one picture for each day):





But there’s another picture that I want to post to complete the week. I started the week with a work-out so I also ended it in the gym…


…alone. Again. I think I should really get a life.